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Our Team

Edward G. Kerley, CFA

Edward Kerley administers LongRun's Virtual Asset Manager and provides portfolio management oversight for the firm's advisory relationships. Ed spent 20 years with Prudential through a variety of assignments including accounting, asset management, real estate securities, and International Portfolio Management. Ed was an integral member of the PREI International team responsible for rolling out portfolio and asset management best practices globally. Most recently, Ed served as Managing Director, Portfolio Management for IDI Investment Management, an Industrial Real Estate Operating Company. Ed has achieved both the CPA and CFA designations.


Paul T. Phillips

Paul T. Phillips will lead the team as Managing Member of LRA. Paul spent 22 years at Prudential retiring as President of PREI International. During his Investment Management career he was responsible for the International rollout of PREI’s global expansion and was responsible for design, marketing, staffing, and administration of all PREI new products and platforms. He has built 12 separate platforms and 16 different funds in North America, Europe, Asia, and Brazil. His investment philosophy has focused on sector specific funds and platforms since 1989.

Richard Della Pietra

Richard Della Pietra will lead Governance, Compliance, and product design oversight as well as coordinate delivery of legal services to LRA and the GEMs. Richard was trained as a lawyer, in private practice for six years before becoming counsel to Fosterlane Holdings Corporation, the U.S. real estate platform for the Kuwait Investment Authority, for more than eight years. Thereafter, he joined PREI as its first Associate General Counsel for international real estate and provided legal oversight to PREI International. In 1999 he joined PREI International as an Investment Vice President to assist in Product Development and subsequently, in 2000 assumed responsibility for management oversight of the platform and products developed in Asia. Since 2003 he has acted as a consultant for the development of several sector focused products including student housing, China residential development, and U.S. Value Added Industrial.