Innovative Solutions to Connect Institutional 
Investors and Real Estate Operators


A business group dedicated to the development of collaborative technology applications for the real estate industry.  Applications may be custom designed for purchase by the client or licensed through CoTel9.  Collaborative solutions may include: virtual meetings and workspaces; messaging; transparent shared archiving; secure and public access management areas; minutes management; document approval; and calendar and task management. Solutions can be provided globally in appropriate language and cultural context.

An innovative management service combining experienced investment professional oversight and technology to build an effective control and compliance environment for the Investor and Operator.

  • Collaborative technology interface between Investor and Operator
  • Virtual meeting rooms and interactive project workspaces
  • Standards for reporting, underwriting, and compliance across platforms
  • Fully transparent partnership archives and secure sites for real estate partnership collaboration 
  • Administration and Advisory services 


LongRun Connect