Innovative Solutions to Connect Institutional 
Investors and Real Estate Operators

The LongRun Network

LongRun’s Asia Bridge


The Asia Bridge is a program operated by LongRun Advisers, which creates the opportunity for a select group of Asian based investors to develop investment relationships with U.S. real estate operators, who are participants within the LongRun Network. The Asia Bridge is supported by an infrastructure that allows operators to feed information into a LongRun administered Virtual Asset Manager, which provides output tailored to meet the unique requirements and preferences of each investor.  This utility may be customized into any language.

Content currently under development. ​

Operating Partner Information Exchange (OPIEtm)

OPIEtm is the collaborative utility, developed by the CoTel9 team of LongRun Advisers. The utility operates through a secure domain and links the collaborative aspirations of the network.