Innovative Solutions to Connect Institutional 
Investors and Real Estate Operators

A Little About Us

LongRun Advisers

Dedicated to Connecting Institutional Capital with Specialist Operators in Real Estate

LongRun’s mission is to provide collaborative solutions in connecting global, institutional real estate capital with specialist real estate operators through innovative applications of technology and adherence to standards developed for data and information compliance that improve the efficiency of management and communication.

We work side by side with Operators seeking capital and with Institutional Investors looking for unique platforms offering exclusive penetration of hard to access sectors and geographies.  Our approach is hands-on and flexible, offering custom solutions in making the Investor-Operator connection. Our senior team has deep market experience and extensive reach in global capital markets.  Our CoTel9 team offers innovative collaboration technology solutions, tailor made for real estate partnership management.  Our Connect Team provides the full range of services to administer consistent standards of management and reporting to institutional investors across multiple specialty investment platforms.